God and a Dog

Last week my reading list was heavy on animal books. Not usually my favorite type of story, but these were a pleasure to read. Black Beauty is a classic tale told from the point of view of a horse. After reading it, I understand why it’s a childhood favorite for many kids. Because of Winn-Dixie is another. It’s less about a dog and more about being the new kid and fitting in.  I liked the subtle faith message too.

Relevant Magazine had an article last week challenging Christians to read more fiction. Something I don’t need to be told twice.
This is exactly why I’m doing the two challenges. It gives me an excuse to read books I may otherwise never pick up.
So where am I on the list? I finished Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr. Fox and started both Ramona and Her Father and The Mouse and the Motorcycle (link is for paperback). I’m still reading Camy Tang’s Single Sashimi. My bedtime reading included All of a Kind Family and now Jody Hedlund’s A Noble Groom. None of those three are on either list but books I’m reading strictly for pleasure. I also made progress on my audiobook of The Count of Monte Cristo. I’m on part 19 of 119. Here’s a way to judge how good I am with housework. The more chapters I listened to, the more housework I did that week.

4 thoughts on “God and a Dog”

  1. You need to read Heinlein. “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress”…weird title, good book.
    Also, pick up “Curse of Chalion” by McMaster Bujold and “Ender’s Game” by Card if you haven’t already.

    ….are we friends on Goodreads?

  2. Ender’s Game is high on my list especially with the movie coming out. I’ll have to check out all three. I’ll look for you on Goodreads. I think we have similar tastes.

  3. I have to remind myself that the movie might likely be completely different from the book (they show the ending in the trailer, for goodness sakes!) & will attempt to view it as its own work, like World War Z, rather than the truer-to-the-books Lord of the Rings.

    Speaking of which, World War Z was an *excellent* book. I have no intention of watching the movie. I truly think it could have only been done well through a tv series.

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