Video Killed The Radio Star

If this is a post about phones, why not Jenny (867-5309)? Because this post is about changes in technology. When I was born, my parents only had a black and white TV with a dial. Granted, within a year or so we got a color TV, with a dial. Where do you think "don't touch that dial"… Continue reading Video Killed The Radio Star


Losing My Religion

This post isn't about the state of my faith but the state of how I worship. I don't like to sing. And in fact cannot. I'm tone-deaf and cannot keep a beat. So if you want to irritate me, call singing in a church service "worship". I rarely worship through music. But I'm an evangelical… Continue reading Losing My Religion



You know the song. That haunting and beautiful song by Suzanne Vega. The happy music with words about a very deep, dark issue--domestic abuse. I recently read the literary version, Swimming Through Clouds by Rajdeep Paulus. One of my favorite books of 2013, it is one that I enjoyed more after I read it, and one that I… Continue reading Luka