The Piña Colada Song

The hardest question isn't what the title has to do with this post. That's easy. The song is about a man who takes out a classified ad about things he loves in the hope of having an affair. *Spoiler alert* - He attracts his own wife. Anyway the connection is I'm writing about details that… Continue reading The Piña Colada Song

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Seize the Day

Carolyn Arends's "Seize the Day" has been my anthem since my days traveling through the Midwest for my first job out of college. As I wrote in my post last week, I already try to live like my days are numbered. Because they are; some will live to 100  and some will die tomorrow. Or today.… Continue reading Seize the Day


It’s The End of the World

I love dystopian fiction. The first dystopian novel I read was probably Atlas Shrugged when I was fourteen. Yes, I was one of those bookish teens and there's a quote about us. Atlas Shrugged isn't necessarily categorized as dystopian. It doesn't follow the typical format of a "have not" escaping an prestige society. However, it… Continue reading It’s The End of the World