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Step By Step

So much in life is about taking the next step. Something I’m not great at doing. In one of my numerous attempts at procrastination this weekend, I found a description of my Myers-Briggs personality type (ENTP, The Inventor). True to this, I’m great at ideas and getting started but not the best at following to completion.

In overall life accomplishments, I don’t have a lot of loose threads. Mostly because I force myself to finish. But it is the last step that is the hardest for me. I think it has a lot to do with fearing failure. With that in mind, Saturday was a big deal. I am halfway through my half-marathon training and I competed my first race, a 10K. It was scary until I actually started running.

This race happened to be a loop that started at the highest elevation and ended with an uphill climb. I figured out how I should feel running and adjusted my pace. It felt like a normal training run. I finished pleased with my final time of 1:06:41. That averaged to 10:38-minute miles. I was thrilled to average faster than 11-minute miles.

This week on my to do list, i  have three things I want to mark off as complete: one is professional, one is writing related, and one is a craft project.

The apostle Paul tells us our Christian walk is a race, and we need to race to win. We can’t win if we don’t finish. What part is hardest for you? Starting, staying the course, or finishing?

Life in the Fast Lane

Last weekend I posted about our lazy Saturday. This Saturday was a one-eighty. The weekend kicked off with me making a passably decent shrimp saag for dinner Friday night. The secret is to utilize a blender and crock pot. I stayed up too late, and my 5:30 wake-up call came way too early for this night owl. It was the city garage sale and we had a very successful day. Making money wasn’t as much the goal as finding a good home for the last of our baby stuff and the kids’ outgrown clothes.

The dynamic duo set up a lemonade stands and brought in about a quarter of the day’s profits. We didn’t realize how successful it would be and ran out of lemonade mix. My son is an innate capitalist. He raised the price and we still sold out. My daughter has a future in sales. She managed to sell several cups of water when the lemonade ran out.

After the yardsale, we went to a business expo then came home. Our church picnic was scheduled for the afternoon but it poured down rain at our house. I texted a friend and found out it wasn’t raining at the park, so I prepared the coleslaw and off we went. Fashionably late, we had dinner and visited with our church family.

We were home long enough for me to grab my snack for my mom’s night out paint and sip session at a the new art supply store in town. I came home a little after ten! Whew what a long day!

Are you a night owl or early bird or someone in between?


I’ve come to realize my definition of relaxing may be a bit different than others. If you’ve followed my blog very much, you’ve probably figured out that I’m a pretty high energy person.
Saturday, I hit my limit. The energy tank was empty. And in an extremely rare occasion, we had absolutely nothing planned. No games, practices, festivals, meetings, nothing. I even forgot to order Bountiful Baskets. I hated that part, but it was nice having no plans. We walked into town. Taking the shortcut, it’s only two miles. We stopped by a furniture store, the farmer’s market, ate lunch, and visited the pet store (only looking; two black cats are plenty). We even made a stop for a chai latte.
Our trip was 4 miles roundtrip and we still made it back in the early afternoon. My husband and I had an at home date and watched The Book Thief, which is an excellent adaptation of the book. I settled down to write but it was still early, so the four of us played Settlers of Catan. I ended up putting a few words to keyboard before bed.
To some, I’m sure this sounds like a packed day, but truly I have to say it was very relaxing!

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