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Safety Dance


New nail polish and 60 degree weather. I couldn’t resist. It’s hard to see from the picture but these shoes are about 4-inch high wooden wedges similar to geta.

I’m your classic overly cautious first born, but there’s a time of year when I’m even more of a safety freak. It’s fall and winter. That is, it’s the period where an injury could sideline me for ski season. I love to downhill ski. So during this time of year, I carefully climb up and down ladders, step stools, etc. Extra crucial since this is also when Christmas decorations go up and down. My biggest fear is breaking-tearing-spraining something and putting an end to my season.

Skiing is my favorite sport and something we did as a family. I was fortunate to have a youth pastor who liked to ski. He made sure we had at least annual trips to various Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin ski hills. Some of my best youth group memories revolve around skiing.

When my husband and I were dating, one of my criteria was that he learn to ski. Fortunately, his first job was in the mountains, and he spent several weekends on the slopes.

Now that we live near a small ski resort, it’s one of our favorite date nights. In fact, that’s where we were on Saturday. I prefer day skiing but night skiing is cheaper. We’re teaching the kids too. Our nine-year-old can tackle most green runs and our five-year-old will have her second season this year. Last year we taught her using a hula hoop.

I admit to throwing a little caution to the wind recently. I love shoes, especially boots. So when temperatures hit 60F here in the mountains, I couldn’t resist showing off my new nail polish in my favorite dressy sandals. And I snagged a cute pair of hand-me-down boots that I have been dying to wear. Fortunately, no GEKEs were harmed while wearing the footwear.

My cute new-to-me beige boots

My cute new-to-me beige boots

Now I’m praying for snow and waiting for the next time I can hit the slopes.

What sport did your family do when you were growing up? Now that you’re an adult, do you still participate? Have you passed on the love to your spouse and/or children?

New Year’s Day

Can’t go wrong with a little U2 to start of 2014. So I’ve set some goals for this year. Not resolutions but goals. I’m working toward being a better me. I’ve set goals in nearly every facet of my life. Ones to make me a better wife, mother, engineer, writer.

About 6 months ago, I decided to food journal and lost a few pounds (about 5) and gained them back. Curses to the South and it’s deep-fried yumminess. On top of the extra holiday food from Thanksgiving through New Year’s we drove through the Southland on our way home from vacation. One simply does not travel through North Carolina without eating BBQ or Louisiana without eating fried oysters. Although I consumed mine in Mississippi. Close enough. Anyway, this normally consumer of healthful fare enjoyed one too many things dipped in batter and only one run in 16 days.

Oh right, I neglected to mention the same girl who has a “Running Sucks” pin on her Pinterest fitness board took up running somewhere around Thanksgiving. I went from 0 to 5K in about 3 weeks. A few weeks earlier, God blessed me with a workout partner through a “random” (yeah right) Facebook post. We’ve been going strong for a couple of months now. And just last week, I got an invite to join a fitness team with a bunch of fellow teleworkers. Sweet! I’m working on becoming a leaner, meaner me. And loving it. Who knew?

Another blessing last year was a mentor through my church. My mentor is a perfect match for me.

In October, I went to a work conference.

In November I did NaNoWriMo.

The highlight of my year was going to the ACFW Conference in September and meeting all but one of my fellow Scriblerians. We even picked up a new member. When I thanked my husband for spending the money and time for me to go, I asked what I could do to thank him. He told me. It’s G-rated, I promise!

This is where you scratch your head. So what does this have to do with goals?

Well, all of these aspects of my life have quantifible goals. I have set goals and have accountability partners. There’s the request my husband gave me that ensures we spend a certain amount of time together. I have similar goals for time with my kids.
There are my fitness goals. Did I mention the teleworker team is for a competition in various categories like number of steps? I also have my fitness partner. I can’t let her down by not showing up.

There’s the work conference that inspired me to set professional goals. Ones I control.

I have writing goals for writing, editing, and social media.

My mentor from church gives me inspiration to spend time in God’s word whether or not I share with her my struggles and/or triumphs. Also, I chose to be in a Bible study so I’ll have homework for daily study.

Check back with me in December to see how I did. Judging by the way I use my Fitbit, I’m wired to meet and beat goals. But also have days and weeks where, I don’t do so well. The good thing is, I can mentally reset and go forth and do better. And that fried oyster weight better go away!

Same Old Lang Syne

Yes, there’s a soft spot in my heart for 70s and 80s folk music, so it’s no surprise that I’d reference Dan Fogelberg. My first post of the new year seemed like a good time. As a recap of my year in reading, I set a goal to read or listen to 100 books. I didn’t make my goal but with 88 titles under my belt, I hardly feel like a failure especially considering I tackled Atlas Shrugged, War and Peace, and The Count of Monte Cristo (all on audio book). There was a lot of dystopian (Divergent and Maze Runner series) as well as Jill Williamson’s Captives, young adult (Lord of the Flies, Ender’s Game) as well as The Revised Life of Ellie Sweet, Swimming Through Clouds. I’m looking forward to reading the books high on my list for 2013 that for various reasons I didn’t read. Kerry Neitz’s Amish Vampires in Space and Melanie Dickerson’s Captive Maiden are two that come to mind. There are others that debuting including the sequel to Captives, Outcasts. My critique partner, Karen DeBlieck, interviewed Jill Williamson on our critique group’s website, The Scriblerians. Outcasts debuts tomorrow (or likely today, since I was late posting), January 7, 2014.

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