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My Books

Faith Mustard Seed

“The Herbalist” Faith Like a Mustard Seed, ACFW, The Woodlands (July 2020) – A steampunk romance. Minta Ovely dreams of being an apothecary, but Papa can’t afford her education. Clement Triland learns carrying the name of a prominent family doesn’t guarantee life will be easy. When Papa arranges a marriage to a dangerous man to pay for her education, Minta trusts in the seed faith her mama taught her and shares those beliefs with Clement, her unlikely confidant.


“Night Dance” Dancing Up A Storm, ACFW, The Woodlands (October 2019) – A steampunk fairy tale. Kati is hired by a wealthy woman to find the cause of her son’s illness. Lonan believes his parents want his younger brother to be their heir apparent and begins a search for his birth parents. The quest forces him to reconcile his past with his present.


“Detention” Out of the Storm, ACFW, The Woodlands (September 2018) – A steampunk fairy tale. Brynn learns that she won’t be able to return to her homeland. She must endure frequent school detentions and ridicule by her step family. The highlights of her exile are her part-time job in her father’s power plant, a friendship with fellow expatriate classmates, and anticipating attending a mysterious celebration.


“Being Seen” Tales of Ever After, Fellowship of Fantasy (August 2018). Ilmara might be invisible, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t exist.


“Undermined” Realmscapes, Brimstone Fiction  (2016) – Kyan obeys her parents’ final wishes and agrees to sell herself and her brother into slavery. When she learns the identity of her new owner, Kyan fears she’s led them to certain death.

My Flash Fiction

“The Promposal”, Sadie Hawkins issue, Spark Magazine (2018) – Schyler’s decision to dress up as a homeless person backfires with unintended consequences.


“The Watchmont” Science Fiction Vs. Fantasy issue, Havok Magazine  (2015) – A science fiction retelling of a familiar story. In a futuristic world, Watchmonts are half-breed cyborg outcasts. When Calanthe is attacked, she’s forced to reconsider her fears and prejudices.

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