It’s The End of the World

I love dystopian fiction. The first dystopian novel I read was probably Atlas Shrugged when I was fourteen. Yes, I was one of those bookish teens and there’s a quote about us. Atlas Shrugged isn’t necessarily categorized as dystopian. It doesn’t follow the typical format of a “have not” escaping an prestige society. However, it does take place in a dystopian version of America.

Dystopian has been popular the past few years. I devoured the Hunger Games series when I first started writing. Since then I’ve read the Maze Runner series, Delirium series, and Divergent series. I also read The Giver which is both utopian and dystopian.
Even better is Christian dystopian fiction. Because the beauty of books from this worldview is that there’s always an element of hope. Both in the future and in the characters’ present situation. There are some really well-written books out there.

I just finished Rebels, Jill Williamson’s final installment of the Safe Lands series. I loved everything about these books. Great world building, fantastic characters, and a fast-paced plot. While I’m sad the series is finished, the ending was so satisfying. Perhaps one of the best endings to a series, ever.

The good thing is that I have a new series to sink into. Nadine Brandes released her debut novel, A Time to Die, and it’s the first of three in the Out of Time series. It excels in many of the same ways The Safe Lands does. Interesting characters, a fascinating story world, and unique premise. Everyone knows when they will die and carries a clock that counts down how much time they have left.

As for movies, I have Catching Fire and Divergent in my Netflix queue. And I’m still trying to figure out where I can catch Atlas Shrugged III since it’s not playing in our small town.

What is your favorite dystopian novel? What about your favorite dystopian movie?

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