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Confession of a Soccer Mom Blogger

In keeping with Friday’s post, I’m writing this post between my kids’ soccer picture times. As soon as pictures are done, it’s rushing to Bountiful Baskets for our bi-weekly produce pickup. A typical All-American Saturday with some combination of sports and errands.
This week I’ve mostly deviated from my BBC 100 Book Challenge.  I finished Jody Hedlund’s A Noble Groom and continued in the All of a Kind family series. I went online renew The Mouse and the Motorcycle and Ramona and Her Father. OOPS, that was a no-go. I had an overdue book. What? I was sure is returned the book in question. After a quick search, I called the library. Sure enough, I had returned the book. It was a skinny picture book that had been missed. Whew! My mind is intact. As for the count of Monte Cristo, school is back in session, so expect a lot more progress as I catch up on housework. Scoring a downloadable version of Dani Pettrey’s Shattered from the county library definitely gave me a big boost in that department.

God and a Dog

Last week my reading list was heavy on animal books. Not usually my favorite type of story, but these were a pleasure to read. Black Beauty is a classic tale told from the point of view of a horse. After reading it, I understand why it’s a childhood favorite for many kids. Because of Winn-Dixie is another. It’s less about a dog and more about being the new kid and fitting in.  I liked the subtle faith message too.

Relevant Magazine had an article last week challenging Christians to read more fiction. Something I don’t need to be told twice.
This is exactly why I’m doing the two challenges. It gives me an excuse to read books I may otherwise never pick up.
So where am I on the list? I finished Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr. Fox and started both Ramona and Her Father and The Mouse and the Motorcycle (link is for paperback). I’m still reading Camy Tang’s Single Sashimi. My bedtime reading included All of a Kind Family and now Jody Hedlund’s A Noble Groom. None of those three are on either list but books I’m reading strictly for pleasure. I also made progress on my audiobook of The Count of Monte Cristo. I’m on part 19 of 119. Here’s a way to judge how good I am with housework. The more chapters I listened to, the more housework I did that week.

TBR Pile – Rewired

Of course, I have to use technical terms when describing my reading habits. This time it’s comparing circuit types.
In the not so distant past, I read in series. Not as in The Sorcerer’s Stone,  Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban, well sort of, I do tend to read series books together, if they’re all published, but I mean something else. I used to read one book, stay up until all hours and repeat the next day with a new one. Now I read in parallel. I have multiple books in various states of being read.
So for the week of July 29, 2013, here’s what my TBR pile looks like.

I just finished Black Beauty about an hour ago. This link takes you to a free download. I will start on my next 101 chapter books list with Because of Winn-Dixie. It’s short so, I’ll probably have it read in a day or two. All of a Kind Family came in from the library. It’s not on this list but it should be. The book is a re-read from grade school and one of my favorite childhood books. It’s the story of a Jewish family in turn of the 20th century New York City. Think Rebecca Rubin of the American Girl Doll series.

In my pleasure reading pile, I’m halfway through Camy Tang’s Single Sashimi which I actually won in Mary Vee’s blog drawing. Yay! She now has a fan who will likely evolve into a tribal reader. I also got Jody Hedlund’s A Noble Groom from the library, so it’s next on my list. A Noble Groom came from Nancy Kimball’s Fiction Heroes Features. Where I got a tiny spoiler. I found out the heroine’s daughter has a really awesome name!

For my BBC 100 book challenge, The Count of Monte Cristo is on my iPod for listening while doing laundry, dishes, etc. I’m on track 15 of 119, so that one will be with me for a while. Librivox offers free recordings and my link is for a $0.99 version of the book.

What’s on your reading list for the week?

The FAA Requires a Blinking Light on my TBR Pile

What is a TBR pile?

Hands down all of my writing and literary friends, I know you know. It’s a To Be Read pile. Mine is on my Kindle which is a good thing because we’re in the alternate flight path of our local airport.
So how do I decide what to read? My lists come from four places.
1. The BBC Book List Challenge.

2. The 101 Best Chapter Books for Kids

3. American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) – I’m a member and have gotten to know several of the authors. I am a tribal reader, another vocabulary word I learned when I joined the world of writers. That is someone who is a super-fan of a specific author. You will read anything by them: books, novellas, short stories, blogs, articles, random napkin notes they post on Pinterest. Also, authors often post when a book is free or really inexpensive. I snap up most freebies and a lot of super-markdowns. It’s been a great way for me to sample new authors. Right now I have 52 books marked as TBR (most are ACFW authors) and a total of about 200 on my Kindle.

4. My go-to book review websites:

Lisa Godfrees’ website which reviews mostly but not all YA. Her tastes are probably the closest to mine of any blog out there. We both love speculative (paranormal, dystopian, fantasy, sci fi).

Nancy Kimball’s Fiction Heroes Features. I count down until the 1st and 15th of every month to see who her next hero is. We have similar ideas of what makes a hero, so I find great historical and contemporary romances there.

AJ Cattapan’s site which reviews primarily Middle Grade (upper grade school/middle school). Her site is great if you’re looking for books for younger kids.

I also listen to various recommendations and have some books I want to read that don’t fall into any of these categories.

So my first few posts are going to be about my progress on these lists. Now it’s your turn.

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