24 Hours Like Everyone Else – Finding Time in the Couch Cushions

You know the question I’m answering. How do you have time to read so many books?

If you’re a goal-oriented person and passionate about something, you’ve probably been asked that question too. And in the same two ways. I’ve gotten both the “you must be Supermom” way and the “you must woefully neglect your children” way. Guess what? I’m in the middle. I’m hardly super mom but I also manage to find time to play with my kids, fix dinner, have a reasonably clean home. I even teach Sunday school and make it to Zumba twice a week.

It’s a matter of finding time to do what you’re passionate about. And believe me, if anyone of my personal friends reads this, they’d laugh at me giving out time management advice. But I’m not. I’m explaining how I find time to read.

I work part time, so that is an advantage and I read fast although don’t always retain details. Other than that, I am like everyone else. Here’s how I find time. Some of these I’m going to expand into full blog posts including the one about how I’m using one of my kids as an accomplice.

1. I don’t watch much TV. I think I’ve watched 3 shows since Monday and that was while multitasking. I watch on Netflix so I automatically save 18 minutes per episode because there are no commercials. 42 vs. 60 minutes adds up.

2. I don’t shop for fun or go out to lunch unless it’s a lunch date with a friend or I’m already out. You will rarely see me running a single errand over what I have to do.

3. I gave up other hobbies. I love to knit and used to scrapbook. I’ll put those prints in albums one day but don’t expect stickers and hand stenciled letters. I have a tiny bit of a sock to finish, and I promised my son we’d make a scarf since his teacher taught him to knit last year.

4. I have a Kindle and a Google Nexus Tablet. I take them everywhere. I get 30 minutes of reading just riding in the car to and from church. Monday’s blog post was written on my tablet while my kids and husband watched Toy Story 3 at our local ice cream shop. I’d already seen it.

5. Audiobooks. This is a topic unto itself but I am a compulsive multitasker and audiobooks make housework fun!

6. I turn my Nexus to white on black letters and read in bed.

7. True confessions, I’m a bathroom reader.

8. My daughter likes Mommy to read to her. Can you say quality time for two?

9. I follow quite a few blogs but none that I read daily, I take two magazines but don’t always read them.

10. I gave up computer games. My Farmville farm is fallow. Occasionally I play Candy Crush Saga or Pet Rescue but I’d rather read.

How do you make time for the things you love?

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