Stuck in the Middle with You

Clowns and jokers–OH MY! Between measles outbreaks, the Super Bowl, and yoga pants, there’s been a lot of fodder to feed the wackos the past few weeks. There are some seriously cray-cray websites out there.

One site cast Katy Perry as a figure straight from Revelation. This site has some other predictions that could only have been pulled from a cracked pot. Personally, I thought this was one of the better half-time shows although there was one song I hoped wouldn’t be included. I understand those who thought the performance wasn’t appropriate, but that would have been the time to turn off the TV, or if they were at a party to get a snack and distract the children. On a side note, I was pleased the commercials were more family friendly than most years. They’re harder to avoid. The thing is reading through this particular site, I could tell this group would have been scandalized by a family act from Branson. You know what Taylor Swift says about haters.

Then there was the measles outbreak. This is the only issue where I actually took a side on social media. I’m strongly pro-vaccine but also pro-parental choice. That post was fun to watch, and in the end I think sanity prevailed, but not before I was “enlightened” by some comments linking to websites that rivaled snake oil medicines in scientific research.

I didn’t even “go there” when it came to the yoga pants kerfluffle. I mean yoga pants for crying out loud. I’m not a male, but I can’t imagine yoga pants being sexy. Yes they’re tight and probably should only be worn to and from the gym (or in lieu of pajamas for last-minute grocery trips, see below). Men stumble by lusting over women’s figures. Trading yoga pants for khakis or a skirt won’t solve that problem. Maybe all attractive women should wear choir robes. Personally, I think that’s what the uber-modesty crowd wants. And I often wonder if the real motive behind this stance is envy for women who are in shape.

However, I’d rather see a woman in yoga pants than anyone over eight in pajamas. That’s my rant. Unless it’s ten p.m. in a fastfood restaurant, and you’re a teenager/college student traveling in a large group (sports team, church group, leadership training), you have no business showing up in public in pajamas. I’ve seen young women, dads, old ladies in their jammies in everywhere from the grocery store to restaurants. Get dressed people.

Last week, I almost broke my “no pajamas in public” rule. I’d worked a really long day, it was after ten, and I was sure that I’d left my phone and wallet on the counter when I got dinner. Thank goodness the world (or at least a Tempe Taco Bell) were spared the horror of seeing me in plaid flannel pants and a long-sleeved T-shirt.

You can tell it’s cold, snowy and miserable. People are bored and frozen with nothing better to do than blog.

2 thoughts on “Stuck in the Middle with You”

  1. I must have missed the yoga pants kerfluffle. And we don’t have cable/dish anymore so we skipped the half-time show and watched the commercials the next day on hulu. A lot of the usual silly but more heart-felt, family-friendly than ever before.

  2. Oh – and the measles thing – I have a sister who’s gone off the deep end when it comes to anti-vaccination, anti-everything so I very much know what you mean there.

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