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I Want Candy


I love candy, but I’m kind of picky. One of my all time favorite candies are Wild Cherry Nerds. They were discontinued sometime in the 1980s. Before then, you could get a Wild Cherry Nerds Blizzard. That was ice cream heaven and my size 5, teenage body could accommodate such indulgences.

Last summer we visited a specialty candy store and I scored these babies. I’m not wild about watermelon, but Wild Cherry Nerds – SQUEE!

I’ve also been a dark chocolate fan from my very first Hershey’s Special Dark miniature. From then on, I fought my dad for them. And my sister for the Krackle bars. I also love Nestle Crunch and supplemented more than one high school lunch with a crunch bar and Coke Classic. Back then the First Lady focused on keeping a different type of coke out of the schools. Just Say No.

I’d like to say my adult taste buds have matured. And they have. Belgian truffles have been under my Christmas tree more than once and I’m a sucker for anything marzipan or salted caramel.

But I still have an inner seven-year-old and she needs to be fed. Her favorites are cotton candy flavored rock candy, Nerds, and Sweet Tarts. She also likes it when I score February 15 bags of conversation hearts at $0.50 per bag.


What was your favorite candy as a kid?

What about as an adult?

6 thoughts on “I Want Candy”

  1. I loved 100 Grand bars. Still do though now I prefer a turtle so my tastes have evolved to want nuts with my caramel. 😉 Oh – I remember now that I used to love Sweetarts but only the kind that came in the tiny rolls – I would eat them one at a time, nibbling the edges until they dissolved while reading.

    My most recent like is Red Hot Candy Canes. I don’t remember especially liking red hots as a kid but I do remember them being very popular and I remember fistfuls melting in my hand, leaving red stains.

    One thing that hasn’t changed – I have always hated candy corn and similar (like those pumpkin shaped ones) and I still do. They are like eating slightly sweetened wax.

  2. Sparks – we have a lot of the same tastes in candy. I don’t eat them often but 100 Grand bars are great! I liked the giant (hard not chewy) Sweet Tarts, especially lemon.
    I’m a Red Hots fan and must find Red Hots Candy Canes! I neglected to mention how much I like Atomic Fireballs!

  3. Last year I found the candy canes in Walmart but this Christmas I had to go to the specialty candy store in our mall. I only bought one box and am savoring them! 😉

  4. Pixie stix especially the giant ones and sweet tarts were two childhood favorites. And of course chocolate of any kind–then and now!

    I like the fun of holiday candy. We go all out for the different varieties of candy corn in the fall, the holiday flavored M & Ms around Christmas and the assortment of jelly beans for Easter.

  5. Pixie Stix – Yes! Did you ever make them out of Kool-Aid and sugar?
    Mint M&Ms at Christmas. Candy corn and jelly beans are two things I only like during the season.

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