BookTube Review of Keen by Laura L Zimerman

I fell in love with the Keen book cover and the rest is history. I received an ARC of Keen and devoured it. The characters are so much fun. Aubree, Seamus, and Oliver are Caoine's first real friends and all hold secrets of their own. They help her discover if being a banshee is a gift or… Continue reading BookTube Review of Keen by Laura L Zimerman

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I (Don’t) Want Your Sex

I'm not even close to being an uptight prude, but really I could do without graphic sex scenes in books. And no, I'm not talking about 50 shades of erotica. I'm talking about otherwise good books with too many gory details. I've been married for over fifteen years and have two biological children, so I'm hardly… Continue reading I (Don’t) Want Your Sex