Who is GEKE?

I’m Gretchen E K Engel or GEKE as in “geek”, although “geeky” works too. I’m an environmental engineer by day and speculative fiction writer by night. My heroines and heroes are people of faith and people of science. Whether I take you to a land of steampunk elves or to a real world setting with a supernatural twist, my mission is to create stories for people who think they don’t like science fiction and fantasy.

My hobbies include downhill skiing, distance running, riding my bike around the neighborhood, reading, and cooking. My profession translates to my hobby too. It’s not uncommon for there to be homemade stock on the stove or kombucha (non-alcoholic, fermented tea) brewing in my pantry. The whole geek thing goes beyond being born with the initials GEK then marrying a guy who gave me an extra E with that diamond ring.

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