I Have Found Me A (Second) Home

Summer has come. There are so many signs where I live. The temperatures hit in the 70s and 80s. We sleep with our windows open. I change out my boots for Converse All-Stars and flip-flops. And we welcome the influx of “summer visitors”. There’s a marked increase in traffic. We have festivals and a farmer’s market. Our church grows so much between May and October that we switch from the sanctuary to the gym and add chairs.

These summer visitors have second homes and now so do I. I don’t mean a physical dwelling but a new blogging home. When I told my fellow Scriblerians about this, one asked if that meant I was dropping them. NO. NO. NO. was my reply! I prayerfully considered this opportunity and whether or not I could add a weekly blog post. And the answer was yes.

So I will continue posting every third Thursday on The Scriblerians. Check out my June 4th post on the literary device called a McGuffin. But now I’ll be a weekly contributor to the New Authors’ Fellowship. It’s a blog dedicated to speculative fiction fans with a Christian worldview.

Of course, something has to give. At this point, it will be this site. I want to keep this site active for special interviews and reviews as well as pointing people to my weekly blog posts. So this “residence” will become a campsite for me to drop links to where I’ll be that week.

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