O Christmas Tree

Saturday we decorated for Christmas. My husband and I usually get a live tree or don’t get a tree at all. With a kindergartener and third grader, treeless doesn’t cut it anymore. We had a pre-lit tree sitting in our garage. While I love the smell of having a live tree, I have to say there’s a lot to say for artificial. It’s only three pieces, and the lights are already threaded through. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so by the time I’ve tackled the lights, the beads, and the ornaments, I answer to Grinchen.IMG_0204

Did I mention the cleaning that has to be done? You can’t put up decorations on dusty surfaces or put a large tree on the floor without sweeping it first. This year, with the carrot of a tree to decorate, I employed my Minions. Cleaning was done rapidly and with minimal complaining. Lights were done. The beads were still there, but the Minions put up the ornaments with me. It was so much fun and low stress. I directed and moved a few ornaments. Reds and greens were distributed, less pretty ornaments moved to the back, and the clear Nativity bulb strategically placed in front of a light. On top went the ribbon, JOY ornament, and angel. Done with energy and cheer to spare.

But the best part? That came early in the day when I was getting out the ornaments. My nine-year-old male Minion asked, “Are we putting up the most important thing, the Jesus Christ action set?”

Our Jesus Christ Action Set
Our Jesus Christ Action Set

The answer was a resounding yes. Because while our home has often been treeless, I have never lived in a home without a Nativity scene. One of the first things I bought for my first apartment was a Nativity scene. And since then through several moves, every Christmas the Nativity scene goes up. My first one was from a discount store and cost $10. Now, we have two, a ceramic one made by dear family friends and given to us as a wedding gift and a plastic one that is more “Jesus Christ action set” meant to be played with. It’s fun because the sheep sometimes wander upstairs and play with Legos and Lego figures have visited the infant Savior.

My heart is shining as bright as the candles in our windows because my children know that Christmas is about that baby in the manger.

Our keepsake Nativity scene. I like how my 5-year-old Minion placed the figures tight around Baby Jesus.
Our keepsake Nativity scene. I like how my 5-year-old Minion placed the figures tight around Baby Jesus.

What decorations do you have that have special meaning?

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