Video Killed The Radio Star

Five year old me typing next to an adding machine didn't know she would become an engineer and fiction writer.
Five year old Gretchen typing next to an adding machine didn’t know she would become an engineer and fiction writer.

If this is a post about phones, why not Jenny (867-5309)? Because this post is about changes in technology. When I was born, my parents only had a black and white TV with a dial. Granted, within a year or so we got a color TV, with a dial. Where do you think “don’t touch that dial” came from? Our phone was of the rotary variety and my childhood recorded on 8mm film. By the time I graduated from high school, we had VHS and Betamax VCRs, both with corded remotes, a camcorder, and I received a CD player for my new dorm room. Fast moving technology considering I saw my first CD in 6th grade.

Fourteen years ago, my husband and I bought a 32-inch TV for our new home. We thought it was huge and it’s still the biggest one we own. None of our TVs are flat-screens. Maybe next year.

As of yesterday, I took another leap into technology. My freebie flip-phone slipped out of my pocket on Saturday and didn’t resurface. It was in the plans for me to upgrade in a few months, so we replaced my phone with a new iPhone 5c (lime green, of course).

I love receiving technology for gifts. I had a Handspring PDA then a Palm IIIc (with Wi-Fi) and now a Google Nexus tablet. Most of my career, I’ve used a laptop. The funny thing is when it comes to telephones, I’m not a high-tech girl. Except for the dorms, I didn’t have a phone in my room until I graduated from college. I was one of the last people to migrate from an analog-digital phone. I rarely talk on the phone and just started texting a year ago. If smartphones were just phones, I’d probably never get one.

While videos didn’t strike a fatal blow to radio music, cell phones are turning home phones into an endangered species.

Are you high tech, low tech or somewhere in between?

What my 5 year old would use to play writer and engineer.
What my 5 year old would use to play writer and engineer. Or maybe she’ll go straight for the iPhone.

10 thoughts on “Video Killed The Radio Star”

  1. In between. Certainly not cutting edge, but ahead of you…except that I don’t own a tablet. 😉 But then, I’m two weeks older than you anyway, right?

      1. Nope, not my style. I wait until they’ve been out a year or so and then snag them when they’re cheaper. Got a kindle for the first time 3-4 years ago ($100), a smart phone 3 years ago ($40 refurbished), and a flat screen tv 2 years ago. This will blow your mind–we finally got a DVR this summer. 😀

  2. We have always had pretty up to date computers in our home because my husband is an IT guy. But I just got a “real” cell phone last year. We do have both a flat screen TV and an iPad mini but we won them both. 🙂 The computers are not always brand new but my dh knows what to look for.

  3. I’m lower than low-tech, but I think you know that. I would still feel perfectly comfy living in 1955. We had electricity, central heat, and indoor plumbing!
    Right now, I own a 1990 26-inch console TV, a VHS/DVD player, and a dumb phone. My son bought me an iPad mini last Christmas – the only reason I have one. Our personal computer is seven years old and I have a three-year-old small laptop. I guess we border on Neanderthal.
    Which is why I’m always bugging you with tech questions. 😦

  4. We got our first flat-screen 4 months ago – it was a freebie when we bought our bedroom set. Our main TV is still a 12 year old, 100lb beast. We did stop buying normal DVDs and always get the “DVD+Blu-Ray” version now since we figure regular DVDs are probably going the way of the video cassette. But we don’t have a blu-ray player yet. Someday… And we’ve never owned a laptop, just desktops. But I do think I tend to know what’s up in the gadgety world, it’s just not a priority to own. Though I remember years ago seeing all these ads for “bluetooth” and Hubby & I had to google it to find out what it was! 😉

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