I’m Calling the Game in the Third Quarter. My Favorite Book of 2013

Yes, we’re only 2 days into the fourth quarter of 2013 but I think I can call my favorite book of 2013. Robert Treskillard’s Merlin’s Blade. Not that the choice was easy but that it’s just “that story”. For me, the best book I read has to be well-written. Have a story world that loses me in it even if it’s a real and modern location. The characters have to resonate deep inside. The supporting cast has to be a well-rounded and interesting. Teenage Merlin grabbed a hold of me and held me tighter than the stone to the druidow. Nearly blind he navigates his world on his own. He’s strong in his faith despite the druidow making it difficult for him. And there’s his sweet crush on Natalenya.

Last year my two picks were Kat Heckenbach’s Finding Angel and Siri Mitchell’s Love’s Pursuit. Not surprisingly, Kat’s Seeking Unseen and Siri’s Unrivaled floated near the top. Others that were highlights of 2013 were pretty much any of Julie Lessman’s Daughters of Boston Series. I think I read all six back to back.

Another author I started reading this year is Jill Williamson. All three New Recruit books rank up there too. Project Gemini was my favorite of the trio and my second place contender. Mostly because it’s what I call an 8-star book. One that because of character, location, etc. it earns an automatic 3 stars, but the author deserves to earn stars for writing well. The book is YA and takes place on Okinawa, where I spent the summer of 2003. It was like a 10-year anniversary celebration revisiting this Japanese island.

So unless things change between now and January 1, 2014, you know the score.

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