Come Monday

If you’re a Parrothead (Jimmy Buffett fan for the uninitiated), you will undoubtedly get my title. If not, that’s OK. This is an announcement that something had to give, and that’s my twice-weekly blog posts. Choosing between Friday and Monday, I picked the much maligned Monday hated equally by cubicle dwellers and fat orange cats. Hopefully, I’ll be your little bit of enjoyment as you prepare for another week.

Why the cutback? Because my awesome critique group The Scriblerians have launched our website. Our kickoff post written by Lisa Godfrees is a big one. An interview with Robert Treskillard about his book Merlin’s Blade and soon-to-be-released Merlin’s Shadow. So far, Merlin’s Blade is the best book I’ve read in 2013 and will likely keep that slot unless eclipsed by its sequel.

I will be a regular contributor to the Scriblerians. As with a pie, one piece is great but a whole one is better. I’ll be one of eight pieces of a really good pie. And like the pumpkin variety, it comes with a generous dose of whipped cream. In this case, the literary equivalent, a giveaway of a copy of Merlin’s Blade for anyone who subscribes to the Scriblerians.

2 thoughts on “Come Monday”

    1. “Come Monday” and “Incommunicado” are my favorites. What can I say? I’m a mountain girl. Dad and I danced to “Little Miss Magic” as our father/daughter dance at my wedding. Jimmy Buffett singing about his convertible-loving daughter. No better song written for us. Yes. The DaVinci Code being up there bugs me too!

      Gretchen E K Engel Spec Fiction GEKE

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